Our Process

As our work portrays, we are able to work on projects of any style and size.  We feel strongly that we should not direct our clients, but rather facilitate the client’s realization of their own vision of architecture. 

We believe that all styles of architecture bring to the table a design challenge and it is our responsibility to pursue the authenticity of the desired style.

We take pride in working closely with our clients to assure that each project thoroughly fulfills the aesthetics, needs and desires of our clients. 


Description of Services


Programming and Concept Design Phase

  • Provide analysis of the site to identify existing site conditions, establish the proposed site 

parameters, determine site attributes, review zoning and design guidelines, and establish 

resulting constraints and opportunities.

  • We will develop a program that documents the pragmatic as well as aesthetic criteria for the 

design of the home.  

  • This program will establish goals for types, quantities, and sizes of rooms as well as establish the 

use of the individual spaces, their character, stylistic essence, and the way in which the home 

owner would like each room to function.

Schematic Design Phase

  • We will define building massing, interior space allocation, circulation, character and style for the 


  • The goal of the Schematic Design Phase is to identify, quantify, locate, and size all of the building 

components.  Building mechanical, electrical and structural system alternatives will be discussed 

during this phase.

Design Development Phase

  • Design Development Phase shall further describe the size and character of the entire project to 

include final architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and finishes.

  • The architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil and structural engineering aspects of the 

project will be developed to describe the character and scale of the interior and exterior design 


  • Specifications shall be developed to the extent necessary to further define the materials and 

systems and components to be developed during the Construction.

Construction Documents Phase

  • Construction Documents for the project, consisting of drawings generated on AutoCAD.  These

documents will indicate the location, type, extent and specification for all building systems, 

materials and equipment.   

  • Construction Documents will include building and site plans, elevations, enlarged elevations, 

building sections, wall sections, plan and wall details, interior elevations, window, door, fixture, 

and finish schedules, reflected ceiling plans, structural plans, details, and specifications, 

mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans, details, and specifications.

  • These Documents will be suitable for permit application and shall provide sufficient information

to develop accurate and competitive pricing.

Bidding and Negotiations

  • Based on the Owner’s approval of the Construction Documents and of the latest estimate of

Construction, we will assist you in obtaining competitive bids or negotiated proposals.

Contract Administration

  • Contract Administration services to include the processing, review and approval of shop 

drawings, samples and mock-ups, as specified in the Construction Documents. 

  • The Architect will provide periodic observation of the construction for general conformance of 

the work with the contract documents.  

  • Services will also include final punch-list activities and site observation to determine and verify 

dates for substantial and final completion.